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Re: Glen Becks $9 online university 9 classes

Originally Posted by Ned Ferguson View Post
Beck's take on the president's attitude toward whites is right on target. Becks problem with the president is his ideology, not his race. It is you who refuse to separate the two. Not only that, but this preoccupation with whites is endemic to the left ("typical white males", angry white men", the founders dismissed as "dead white men," etc.). Beck backs his assertions with facts: words from Obama's writings, his relationship with J. Wright, etc.

As I sit, the Obama justice department has spiked the prosecution of radical Black Panthers for policing polls with clubs and making threats to voters who might dare to vote for a "cracker.". A prosecutor has resigned in protest. These are facts, not supposition. I guess all these facts must mean that "Beck is a hater." Why do you refuse to see what is right in front of you?

To all: I think I am going to voluntarily withdraw because I do not see this thread going anywhere. I am surprised it has survived this long. I have enjoyed our debate. You now know what I believe and you are free to evaluate it as you wish. Despite what you may think, I love you guys and wish you all the best. - Ned wonder we never agree. You're apparently ultra conservative whereas I'm anything but.

I also don't think the president has an anti-white attitude (at least not these days). That strikes me as conservative cop-out looking for a reason to hate the fact you lost the White House after enjoying 8 years of free rule.
I mean my dad was pretty liberal until 9-11 then suddenly he became as right wing as you can get and he just looks and hunts for reasons to hate the president. Hell he even went as far as to bash on him because Michelle Obama got off Air Force One wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He went on about how undignified that was and how wrong it was and used it as more ammunition to hate Obama.
And now I've taken this thread into the realm of politics and I feel it may be getting closed soon.