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Re: Kidney Donation

I donated a kidney to my husband in 2007. Not sure of your age - I was 50 at the time and had never been in the hospital or had surgery, so my experience may be a bit different. As well, keep in mind that I am not a physician so your individualized items and condition should be discussed with your own physician or the transplant team.

You should have a transplant coordinator and also a donor doctor assigned that would be able to answer questions for you - and I know there are many!
When you discuss protein intake, recovery, etc, make sure they understand exactly what you are doing. When I discussed recovery and when I could begin working out again with the surgeon, he had no clue what I was doing in the gym. So I specifically discussed movements, weights, etc with him and got a very good graduated schedule for return. I can tell you for six weeks, you will not be able to lift any more than 10 pounds and may not feel like working out anyway. I was told no more than 30 pounds for the next six weeks after that and no abdominal exercises for 4-6 months (my surgery was laprascopic). I can tell you from experience that this schedule, for me, was pretty much on the money. I took it slow and if anything didn't feel right, I stopped. I wanted to be sure I healed, and didn't want to end up back in surgery with a hernia.

It took about six months for stamina to really return full force to pre-surgery levels. I do use a good level of protein, but you need that much - moreso than someone who is sedentary. Heck, even my husband who had the transplant has permission to use whey protein (to a degree) because of his level of workouts. But again, probably something that should be discussed with the doctors based on your numbers post surgery.

Hope this helps a little. Your friend is lucky to have someone who is willing to do this for him. Bless you! You are welcome to PM me if you have any other questions. Good luck!
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