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Re: Crossfitting after a Spinal Fusion

Just stumbled upon this thread. I recently had an anterior lumbar fusion L5 S1. Previously had a discectomy in the same spot but reinjured. I did physical therapy and I'm doing my own rehab. I still have pain but am consistently increasing mobility and strength. I could not even do a pushups when I first started training again. I weight 150 lbs 5'5". I'm squatting my bodyweight on a bar again' pressing 95 lbs overhead. Its still early as I'm still a few months away from full bone growth at the fusion site. I don't know that ill hit my 315 dead lift again but I hope to do cleans and snatches again I'm just to nervous yet and worried about the impact. Ill go ahead when the surgeon says so. I'm running 2 miles. Impact isn't totally killing me its manageable. At the least I'm hoping to be a master of technique at a lighter to moderate load. Toes to bar, g h d, and burpee may be out for me based on How I feel but I did get a ring muscle up the other day. Best of luck to you.
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