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Re: 1 Month

I was going through my WoD book the other day (have kept one since the start) and compared when I started vs. now (8 months and 100 WoDs later). Here's some comparisons!

I started out with single box step-ups on 18" (I hard a really hard mental time with jumping up on a box, when I did it the first time it was a HUGE deal!) - now doing similar rounds and reps with triple box jumps on 18,20,24.

Started out with 15 kg KB swings, now doing similar things with the 1Pd KB.

Started out with single skips, now I RX double unders

Started out with 14 lb wall ball, can do WoDs with 20 lb but usually don't lol

Hang Power Cleans - started @ 33lb - now @ 73lb

Started out with jumping or green band pullups, now @ purple band

Started out with green band ring dips, now at blue band

Started out with 33lb bench press, now at 65lb

Started out with 45 lb deadlift, now most WoDs I can do between 100-125 (1RM is 190)

Started out at 170 lb and 26% bodyfat, got down to 16.5% bodyfat (then went back up over christmas - so I'm working on it again). Bodyweight only changed about 6lb. I'm on an 8 week paleo challenge right now.

Some things still have a ways to go. I'm nowhere near being able to do an RX'd pushup (still on knees), and nowhere near a RX'd Pullup, which is super frustrating, but I try to celebrate the small accomplishments. I came into Crossfit with extensive injuries to my back, neck and shoulders from a car accident and basically couldn't do anything at the start. Crossfit has not only been a fitness proram for me, but also a rehabilitation program. To go from 3 prescriptions and a hell of a lot of pain to virtually no pain, no prescriptions and a handful of minor aches and pains... no problem!


-from Crossfit AI (Canada)
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