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Re: Kick the Sugar/Grains habit Challenge II

Good news: this thread really helped me to improve my diet. "No sugar" works fine. No chocolate, ice cream, cake etc. I don't miss it too much. And I feel better. But I will continue my espresso with a little sugar in the morning.

I admit - I did some cheating: small bits of christmas stollen, some chocolate or cheesecake (50g pack). Estimated ten cheatings since this thread started.

"No grains" is much harder. I had some organic whole wheat bread (moderate amounts) because too much nuts makes me fat and carbs from veggies only has not the good feeling of "carb satiety". I try to follow the rules of John Berardi (Precision Nutrition): Only veggies, fruit and protein if you don't have any workout, but carbs (including grains) are ok after a workout. It seems you need them für better protein ingestion.

Fasting: I tried Ori Hofmklers Warrior Diet, because some crosfit fans recommended it. My experience: I have more energy during the day, but not when I am physically active. Fasting and training doesn't fit well in my case. And I can't have big diners because I often work in the evening and eating a lot when I am back home at 11 pm or later is no good idea. But it sems to work well for a lot of people.

Now I eat when I am hungry and more towards Paleo Diet style. I used to have fruits and nuts for breakfast but I discovered that veggies , fruit and protein are better. If I want to do sprint interval training or interval running in the morning, I eat only fruits and nuts because I need my blood in my legs and my heart for sprinting and not in my stomach for digesting stuff that is hard to digest like protein and fats.

@ Amber:
Be careful: the alkaline/acid problem is different from the sugar/grains -problem: Good proteins produce much more acid than grains and sugar actually idoesn't produce acid. If somebody is too much on the acid side, it is important to balance the proteins with lots of veggies and fruits or supplements. That's why nutritionists who research about the acid-problem often recommend an almost vegetarian diet with reduced protein intake. Too little protein is bad for other reasons but lots of good proteins (Paleo Diet) and not enough alkaline stuff may be a dangerous nutrition.

Best wishes for all your diet and live improvement plans in 2009
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