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Kick The Sugar/Grains habit challenge

Here's the skinny for those of you wannabe Cave People. We're seeing if we can do 21 days* without eating grains or sugar.
We start today, Monday Aug. 4th and end Sunday August 24th

Those are generally the devil foods, so besides that everything is fair game. We think this is the major thing that we need to take care of while moving to a cleaner diet. Later we can do some more fine tuning such as watching macros or eliminating dairy, alcohol, fruit, salt, caffeine or whatever. But "spirit of the law" here is to ease into eating a clean and paleo/primal diet.

*I picked 21 days because that's how long it takes to form a habit according to some sources. Which is probably bull but it sounded like a nice number. Besides, Danielle is going on a fabulous vacay in three weeks and she needs to be able to eat delicious once-in-a-lifetime foods.

Who's in?

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