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Re: Best Fat Loss/Weight Loss Program

Hey, me from a couple months ago. You know what I learned? The exercise program matters little until you get your diet straight. And I mean strict--Zone proportions with Paleo foods. Not just cutting down sugars. Go with Zone proportions and Paleo foods. That will take the weight off fastest. Until you have dialed in your diet, everything else is just gravy.

I know this, because I am in your exact situation and tried messing with the program. I replaced heavy lifting days with HIIT, but was half-assed about my diet. You know what happened? Well, check out my signature--I am still not lean, and my body fat percentage did not change a whit. I wanted the workout program to be the solution, because I love working out but am pretty terrible at regulating my eating for extended periods of time.

So as someone who is slowly, slowly getting her diet in gear and seeing positive results as I do so, I'm saying, the quickest way to lose weight is to go Paleo/Zone. If you find that you are somehow still not losing weight, then come back to the boards.
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