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Re: Skateboarding and Crossfit Update

Originally Posted by Josh Groves View Post
Congrats; that's exciting!

How does the scoring system work out that you can win the world championships when there's only 6 races in the US and a total of 76 of them worldwide? If I were European I'd be ticked

I'm a long-time casual park/street skateboarder, never really got any better than basic stuff, but I found it to be great stress relief, but as I age, the injuries take longer and longer to heal... I guess wearing real pads might help with that . I've started skating again every couple of weeks and I discovered how much of a different demand it is from weight training. So many different demands in multiple directions which is a bit lacking in most gym time.
Josh, It is accumulation of points. I was getting beat by women I never raced in the points race just because they went to more races. I don't think the point system is really accurate over all. I think racing head to head is the real deal. The World Championships is in Europe one year and then in North America problem is most don't go to all of the races. They're are not a ton of women over 50 that still race. I have to race all ages so either way I have to train extra hard. I think Crossfit has really helped. I'm going to the US Nationals in July I will let you know how it goes. Keep skating!
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