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As a counterpoint to Larry's post: for smaller crossfitters, gaining additional functional mass seems to be just as helpful.

I'm up about eight pounds of muscle since CF + Paleo/Zone, and while the tradeoff of additional strength but additional weight seems to be largely a wash for pullups and other BW exercises, it makes a huge positive difference on thrusters and other weight-bearing work.

While I suspect I'll never toss around the bar with Josh Everett's ease, being able to survive unbroken thruster sets on Fran, for example, also amazingly decreases time.

Which, I guess, is at the core of Matt's point: most all of us have some 'catching up' to where we'd ideally like to be, and there's nothing we can do to rush the process. We've no choice but to eat well and WOD hard, day in and day out, trying to at least feign some patience as we improve bit by little tiny bit.
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