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Re: Glen Becks $9 online university 9 classes

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post
There's a difference between ad hominem and questioning someone's credentials.

I am questioning how some guy who doesn't even have an academic degree can attempt to educate us in a "university." I'm not saying people who don't have degrees don't have things to teach, but on matters of academia? No.
Come now, Shane. When was the last time you criticized "McDonalds University?" You do know that Glenn Beck U does not purport to be an accredited university handing out degrees, right? Hyper-literalism makes for a weak argument.

Beck is not trying to teach "you" anything. He only invites students who want to submit to his teachings. This is in the great tradition of teachers though the ages. Somehow, in very recent history, we have come to the place where everything must be "state approved" and that "matters of academia" must be left to the "professionals." Thus, anything that falls under the umbrella of "academia" (as chosen by academics, of course) is off limits to the unwashed masses. We are to be told what to do, what to think, and what freedoms we are permitted by the elites. That so many people are blind to the evil consequence of this is disturbing indeed.
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