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Re: Olympic Weightlifting Programming for Beginner's

Julius -

Your account has been activated - we get backed up sometimes.

RE maxing - for the stage you're at, maxing is neither productive nor necessary. At the moment, your limiting factor is technique - you're not yet able to convert your strength well to the classic lifts - for example, you're able to FS 100 x 3, but only clean & jerk 67.5. By way of example, more technically proficient lifters are able to clean upwards of 90% of their best FS. So a max attempt at this stage isn't a genuine max effort.

Since I don't know what exactly we're talking about in terms of assistance exercises (i.e., is it squats, benches, presses, deads, pulls, or curls and tricep extensions), I can't comment on their appropriateness. However, I'd agree if your coach is working your technique in the classic lifts with light weight while building up a greater strength base - once your technique comes up a bit, I'm sure he'll have you applying it more regularly to the snatch and CJ.

Be patient with it and you'll progress much more ultimately.

If you're looking for a basic program, Coach Burgener has a template on his site - (wfs)
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