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Olympic Weightlifting Programming for Beginner's

I'm on week four out of twelve of the program my olympic weightlifting coach put me on.

The thing is, my coach is, for lack of a better word, very old school.

I think he has me wasting alot of time and energy on assistance exercises that, in my opinion, should be irrelevant at this point in my training.

Four weeks ago we tested out my max lifts to base the program around and I ended up with a 67,5kg clean and jerk and a 50kg snatch.

I can power clean and jerk more than that, and power snatch more than that and just to give you an idea of where I'm at, strength/technique-wise, I'm a 21 year old 72kg male and a few of my other lifts are (even though some of these are 6-7months old):

Back Squat: 130kg
Deadlift: 130kg
Bench press: 95kg
Shoulder press: 62,5kg
Front Squat: 100kgx3
Overhead Squat: 60kgx2

With these numbers I feel like I should be spending more time on snatching and cleaning and jerking and less time on assistance exercises. My coach disagrees and talks about needing to balance my strength out... Week four of the program and with a snatch of 50kg four weeks ago and the program hasn't had me snatching anything heavier than 45kg. I feel like I should be pushing my maxes alot more often. In fact, this 12 week program is based around maxing out before starting and never again during the 12 week period, which not once takes you past 100% of your beginning maxes.

So, a complete beginner like me snatches 50kg and in three months doesn't try once to exceed that weight.

I guess I just wanted some second opinions. My coach's program is 30% contest lifts and 70% assistance exercises. (That's repition-wise.)

Could some of you weightlifters pitch in and let me know what you think and perhaps point me to a more beginner-friendly program?
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