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food cravings and bathroom trips.

Hi everyone, after I train hard and clean all day I will start to crave certain foods at the end of the day during and after dinner. Usually during dinner I will crave milk, meat, and bread, I am mainly only concerned about eating bread. How bad is bread? I tried to limit it to to slices is that to much and should I try to cut it out of my diet?

After dinner is what I am most concerned about. Right after I eat I crave something sweet. My usually after dinner cravings are cookies, chocolate, ice cream, or some sort of candy. I try to limit my cravings as well, I will eat two homemade cookies or have a small bowl of ice cream. Another thing I started was eating a couple pieces of dark chocolate. I tried to completely stop by eating fruits but that did not work. Does anyone else have these cravings and if so how do you stop them or handle them?

My other problem is when my first week or two of training hard I constantly have to go to the bathroom. Is that just my body natural way of clean my system out, that what I figured, but I am unsure.
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