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Re: Hip tightness and pain

Originally Posted by Eddrick Brooks View Post
Can anyone suggest anything that will help with my hips? They are really tight. When I walk fast I can feel the tightness and pain in the hip flexors. I was told before that there is arthritis there. My ankles are really tight as well. My dream is to be able to squat hamstring to calf one day, then overhead squat, and finally do a one legged squat. I am starting to get discouraged about it. Does anybody have any suggestions.

Who told you that you have arthritis in your hips? Did that person specify whether it is osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis? Have you had your hips X-rayed? That might be the place to start. Arthritis should show up on an X-ray as areas of "sclerosis" (hardening) -- it will be much whiter than the surrounding bone. If you have cartilage damage, you also may be able to see narrowing in the hip joint. If the person who told you it was arthritis didn't do an X-ray,I suggest that you try to eliminate arthritis as a diagnosis before looking further. If it is arthritis, then you should see a rheumatologist for treatment (which would vary considerably depending on what kind is).

There's no reason not to stretch in the meantime, but you can't expect much help beyond simple suggestions from a forum like this when we can't be sure what your problem actually is.
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