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I don't think this gets exactly at your point, but I use a couple of specific WODs from days past, and one that I created on my own, as regular "tests" (or, more accurately, "checkpoints") on my "performance monitor".

I track my performance over time on those specific workouts . . . when they improve, I know I'm getting somewhere. When they degrade (which, alas, is the current situation), well, there's no denying it.

The two I use most faithfully over time:

1) a WOD from April 2003: 3 rounds of a) 400 m run b) 15 DL holding BW, and c) 20 box jumps (24" box). Any time under 15 minutes is great (for me). Between 15 and 16 is good. 16-17 is ok. More than 17 is not good.

2) a workout made up one day when no weights were available: 5 rounds of a) 20 squat thrusts b) "double-up" rope climb c) 20 shots wall-ball (20 lb ball), and d) 2 "suicides" (basketball court line drill).
For this workout, I'm still trying to get consistently under 25 minutes for 5 rounds (this is a real aerobic gasper (for me)). I think 20 minutes is likely to be my upper bound of performance on this one (when I'm in super shape).

I realize that these won't be everyone's cup of tea . . . but they're the metric I use to test my condition.

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