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Re: Rogue Rack question (infinity vs Monster lite vs Monster)

I have a dark horse rack, and have been nothing but impressed and satisfied.

I don't think I could ever outlift the rack. I don't have mine bolted, but with the weight storage, the rack doesn't move with weighted pullups.

I have the dip bar attachment which is very good. I have heard that rogues 3x3 dip attachment is compatable also.

Mine was the older version without bandpeg holes, which I believe are standard now, so I just choke the bands for band work.

I looked at the rogue and have heard good things, but I am glad I went with the dark horse. Over on there are lots of write-ups on it. All seem positive.

The add-ons to get in my opinion is the plastic J cup protection, which is a no brainer, dip bar if no other dip option, 1 set of long and 1 set of short extra weight storage pins, and I would think about the straps, or the quick adjust square spotter pins if I had to do it over again.

The hole spacing is 2 inches throughout, which I have never had an issue with being too far apart. I had an old elite fts 2x2 rack with 1 inch through the bench and did not care for it. To be honest though 2x2 steel was plenty, but I sold it for enough to pay for the Dark Horse upgrade.

My $.02
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