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Re: Raw Vegan Diet

Well, I'm an Ovo-Lacto vegetarian (still eat eggs, dairy...just no 'flesh'). I'm not convinced that something like a Vegan diet, let alone a raw-vegan diet is the way to go...for me. I think that the most basic diet should be a an Ovo-vegetarian (eggs ok) diet. I like the 'raw' aspect of the diet, but I'll assume that a paleo-diet would lend the same advantages.
I zone my diet, and it works (for me). I've thought about veganism but haven't seen any compeling evidence it's the way to go. I'm already having to read every label as things like gelatin hide in things like yogurt!
I'm interested to see what my fellow (more experienced) CF'ers are going to say...I know it isn't going to be good!
But, 30 days might not be SO bad...people do all kinds of weird detox crap, so the idea of actually eating food is appealing. I should mention that I will not be detoxing any time soon, and am quite fond of the extra crap I carry around

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