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Lasting lower back soreness

Hi guys, i've been recently having some problems with my lower back, A couple of months ago I started doing a strength program, it goes like this:

Mon: Back Squat/Pullups/Press (3x5)
Tu: Power Cleans 5x3
Wed: Rest
Thu: Back Squat/Bench Press
Fri: Deadlift 1x5

I started preety low all around, but maybe went too high with the deadlifts (squatted 145, deadlift 205)

Anyways after deadlifting I found that my lower back ached the rest of the weekend, I have been polishing my form and now I am preety confident with it.

Now I'm at 205squats and 215 deadlifts, I feel that I'm at the right spot with the weights but my back is still sore. I am sure I keep neutral lumbar curve throughout the sets but I still feel sore afterwards.. is this normal? What measures should I take to avoid this kind of issue, (assistance exercises, after wod stretch, etc) Should I use a belt?

I weight 140lbs and this is the first time I have done this kind of program.
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