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I was putting the bar down after a bunch of snatches and C&Js and got lazy for a second and didn't use my legs. Next thing I know I got a painful twinge right across my lower back.

This has happened to me 4x before: in each case when my lower back is tired and I fail to maintain the lordotic arch. In each case, it's taken a while to recover.

Symptoms right now are extreme stiffness around the area plus an inability to arch the back to a normal degree.

Following the injury, I stretched for 20 minutes then took a warm bath with epsom salts and 800mg of ibuprofen. After 2 hours I applied a cold pack.

Any suggestions for what else I can do? Also, should I exercise before the stiffness goes away. I'm not talking about weightlifting but something like hockey which does use the lower back a lot.

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