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Re: Level 3 (CCFT) Test

Quick info about me: I am CFL1, CFL2, CF Kettlebell, & CF Gymnastics cert'd, along with being an ACSM Certified PT. I meet the training hours for the CFL3 (almost for the L4, actually) and am planning to take L3 once I finish the CF Kids cert in Feb.

My opinion:

The CFL3 seems similar in scope to the ACSM test, for which I studied about 6 weeks and passed with a 95%. For the ACSM test, I split the material into a 6 week blocked plan, studied 7 days per week, with new material and review every day. I tested myself on material weekly and reviewed areas where I lacked on Sundays. I also had my wife pimp me on questions from the text, both pre-made tests chapter by chapter as well as pulling stuff out at random to him me with. That helped a lot.

I recommend blocking like this over 6-12 weeks, and schedule your test about that far out. This will motivate you to study, since usually it's not refundable. Flash cards, practice tests, etc. are all very useful. STUDY EVERY DAY, like clockwork, and make it a habit.

Find someone who is interested and talk to them about the material. Teaching someone else is a great way to cement the info in your own mind.

Side Note:

When I talked to the CFL2 staff about the test, they said that about 60% of them failed their first go through of the L3 exam. A big part was not taking the study material seriously and putting in the weeks of prep necessary to really understand it.

Hope that helps!
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