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Re: Clean and Jerk and Back Squat critique

Pretty good job Brian, you're strong!

From what I can see I would say that you need to keep those hips down and lead with the head and shoulders. This way your hips will be going straight up and down when you hit extension rather than moving forward and knocking the bar off the hips. Your pulling position is nice, you want to lock that position in and make sure the back angle doesn't change until you're going through the scoop and you're about to jump. It looks like there could be a slight early arm bend but I can't quite pause it in time enough to see, it could be my eyes though.

So, take your time for the 1st pull becase it's all about positioning. Don't let that back angle change, get yourself into the power position and explode.

There's a lot of pulling power there, I think if you go back in weight and dial in your technique you'll be pulling much heavier in no time.

Oh and be careful on your jerk, you dip forward when you should be dipping straight up and down, it's the same as for the snatch and the clean. Keep hitting the burg warm-up and that will help a lot.

Hope that was helpful.
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