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Leah Patrick
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I just wanted to post some of the success I'm having so far with crossfit. I've been working out about three to four times a week for a month now, using the WOD's as a guideline (most of the time I can't do everything on it), and it's definitely working!

I've lost a total of 6 lbs, but the real awesome is that I'm getting oh so much stronger. For example, I have to use the assisted pull up machine, and when I started, I had to offset myself at 115 lbs. I weighed 175 so I was really only lifting 60lbs of my body weight. Well, now I only have to offset myself by 85lbs. With my weight loss, I'm now lifting half of my body weight. I also started out using a 20lb bar and now I'm using a 40lb bar.

I know I'm nowhere near a lot of the seasoned crossfitters, but I'm pretty excited about getting stronger and healthier. I also love the fact that I'm losing mad inches around my waist. It's pretty incredible.

Just thought I'd share!
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