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John Frazer
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Well, I'm still skinny and weak, but after a year and a half of Crossfit, plus a month adding Rutman's "Black Box", I racked up a few PRs in October:

Bench press 160# (previous best was 145 in Feb., now closing in on bodyweight of 185);

"Helen" in 16:07 with 40# KB (previous PR was 16:25 in May with 36# on the Ironmind handles);

Back squat 190# (first 1xBW squat; previous PR was 180 in July);

Push press 130# (previous PR even close was a 115# clean & jerk in Sept.)

Weighted pullup 25# for 5 reps (previous best single was 27.5#);

"Fran" in 14:10 with 75# thrusters (previous best at the same weight was 14:40; all-time was 13:43 with 65# in July, but I pulled a lat in August and am still recovering on pullups);

Deadlift 5 x 225# (previous best single was 250).

This isn't that unusual a month for me, but I'll still give myself a bonus day, today:

"Tabata Something Else", 227 total reps (previous best was 221, twice -- once in March and once in July).
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