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I started Crossfit on the 19th of January and tommorows W.O.D will see me finish my first month of doing Crossfit and would like to say thank you, to all at Crossfit and all members on the message boards. I have never enjoyed my training as much or taken so much care with my diet as I have since making the commitment to this programme.

Over the past month of Crossfiting and following the Zone I have seen my energy levels soar, by body fat visibliy reduce, my strength increase and my overall outlook on everything that I do from day to day change for the better. This change in training and eating has not gone un-noticed by my friends and family and knowing that I can hopoefully pass on some of this valuable information onto them is great.

So all I can say (again) is thank you all at Crossfit and all Crossfitters everywhere.
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