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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday morning – both pleased the weekend is almost here.

Plan – shoulders

Warm up
Band and pipe work for mobility of the back and shoulder for 15min
A couple of warm up sets of the first movement

8 x 6 reps – Arnold Press – fully seated on bench 8/9kgs for the wife and 12/14kgs dumbbells for myself

Keep that core tight and really concentrate on the quality of the press with the rotation and lock out at the top, do not bounce at the bottom.

For the wife – 10 wall climbers
For myself – 10 strict HSPU + 4 strict unbroken

Core tight and keep a solid position against the wall. The wife started to try and walk closer into the wall, she made very small steps and was able to move her hands 10-15cms/4-6 inches closer to the wall by the end.

I was very pleased with my strict HSPU’s today as my hand position and mounting the wall felt really good. No rush during my reps, tried to keep the same speed up and down without smashing my head. They are getting easier but I still can’t kip, they just seem weird to me.

5 x 15 reps - Strict behind the neck shoulder press - wife 10kgs, myself 30kg barbell.

Just pump those shoulders. Performing these standing, squeeze those bum cheeks, keep core tight and keep the bar behind the neck at the top.

5 x 8 reps + 1 x 15 reps - Side-lying (on bench) dumbbell rear delt raises 2½/5kg plate

Used a plate instead of a dumbbell so as not to cramp the grip. No bouncing at the bottom and really concentrate on connecting with the rear delt.

Cool down
Stretching and chatting
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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