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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning and both of us were feeling quite good. Nice to have a rest day yesterday.

Plan Partner chipper

Warm up
Put everything together first
Start to warm up with all of the movements nice and light
In between mobility, light stretch

Once we knew the weight to use and we had a little sweat on it was time to start.
About 25min in total I would say

Partner Chipper
Share the load however we want.

100 - Cal Row
90 Sit-ups
80 DB Power Cleans
70 Cal Ski-erg
60 Air Squats
50 DB Dead lifts
40 Cal AAB
30 Push ups
20 DB S2O
10 Burpees

Time = 28.01

This was a good allrounder. I programmed it with a machine, body weight and then a DB movement. The flow was good and we more or less shared the load 50/50.

Cool down
60 cals nice and easy on the AAB just to cool down
Mobility and stretch for 20min

We both enjoyed today, partner wods are almost always fun.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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