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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning – both of us have been sleeping quite well since we got back from our vacation but we are still a little tired in the mornings. Its dark outside now at 05.00

Plan – going to be a long one - partner

Warm up
Set up the machines so that we have close access to them
General warm up
Test the machines to get the heart going a little.

20min in total

Partner – share the load
No break between machines, quick transitions are key.
The question is do you push it or pace it?
You learn very quickly once you start.

15 min – AAB
1min on/off

10295 meters/227 calories

Wife kept her RPM’s between 57-61 and I kept mine between 69-73. AAB is always a pain but we did not burn out but kept a reasonable speed as we had a lot after that. Wife did 8min on this which meant i started on the ski.

20 min – Ski-Erg
2min on/off

4058 meters/225 calories

With this being 2mins we could push it a little harder, wife was around 2.50-3min/500m at 30 strokes/min and I kept to around 2.05/500m at 28 strokes/min. This was all technique and efficiency. Both very pleased with that. Strait onto Row. Drag factor was set to 65 (zero)

25 min – AAB
2.30 min on/off

5772 meters/335 calories

A little more rest on this so we were able to push it a little more. Wife kept around 2.30 pace at 22-24 strokes/min, she was very efficient. I need to get back into my rowing so I tried to keep between 1.50 to 1.55/min at 22-24 strokes/min. It felt really good but the rower really needs a service, it felt as if it was dragging and not moving free. Drag factor 125 (between 5&6)

So after 1hr of this we were very pleased with ourselves and very sweaty.

Cool down
Clean up and stretch and mobility for 20min
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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