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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday.. the wife woke up and told me that if I had said lets sleep for another hour she would have slept in… But of course I would never say that, we have a plan 😊

Plan – get used to the weight overhead and get your pulse up.

Warm up
Row 1000m
Good amount of shoulder work with bands and pipe
Warm up for what was to come

20min I would say in all

Bar overhead
This is the first time in a while where we go heavier than normal overhead.
The focus is on form, quality of the movements. Go by feel and adjust to get back to that perfect feeling between the rounds. In the end the only thing that really counts is the final 3 reps and what weight you end up with.
There is no rush at all, rest as needed.

Start at a comfortable weight – you must increase the weight by however much you like between each round.

3 rounds – from the rack
1 Strict Push Press
1 Push jerk
1 Split jerk

Wife 22, 25, 27kgs/60lbs
Myself 45. 50, 60kgs/132lbs

Lifts felt solid for both of us. We took this nice and easy making sure we had the bar in the same solid start position when receiving the bar from overhead.

3 rounds – from the rack
1 Push jerk
1 Split jerk

Wife 28, 30, 32kgs/70lbs
Myself 65, 70, 75kgs/165lbs

Just getting better and better with each round. Good solid split jerks

3 rounds – from the rack
1 Split jerk

Wife 33, 36, 38kgs/84lbs
Myself 80, 85, 90kgs/198lbs

Both very pleased with the final results.

Something to get the heartrate up:
Tabata – burpees

Wife – 35
Myself – 41

I took it nice and easy, I could have completed 6 each round but felt comfortable but did 6 on the last round. Wife hit 4’s and then 5’s on the final 3 rounds.

Bit of fun
2 min AMRAP – T2Rings/High knees

Wife – 40 (around 10 T2R and the rest high knees)
Myself – 37

Grippy at the end plus the heart rate was up a little. I should have done 4x10 really but did 15 unbroken from the start. I was close to catching the wife. She was solid and push it at the end. I think we both broke 3 time. A lot of fun this one.

Cool down
Stretch for 20min
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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