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Just started this weekend… how long until I don’t feel like a complete wuss?

Just started CrossFit over the weekend, did like a 2.5 hour training session Saturday and Sunday and did a WOD at the end of each day. I haven’t been this sore in a while, and I was terrible at most of the stuff we were doing. I am in relatively decent shape… 6’2” 205lbs. Was hovering between 220-225 until about a month ago, my wife just left me so I dropped a few pounds simply not being able to eat, but that is a whole other story. But I have worked out my whole life, normal weight lifting stuff, plyometrics, HIIT, and I play some sports still. So I guess my main question, is how long does it typically take most new CrossFitters to start ‘feeling’ results. Not worried about ‘seeing’, although that would be nice too, just wondering how long I will feel like a complete wuss in there not being able to do many kipping pull ups, etc? Said another way, how long until I get used to the basic movements and am no longer a noob?

Also, in case anyone here is from Atlanta, any recommendations on a good gym? I am currently trying out BTB Buckhead.
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