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Re: Mainsite Programing

I don't want to discuss the entire programming because that's very subjective. But people must be more educated in programming and how to scale.
Obviously is Crossfit HQ philosophy not to use % of RM or bodyweight, but in the past they used it, and I think is better, I really want to know why isn't the norm.

I adapt main site WODs to use % of my RM or sometimes bodyweight. Is against the objective to use a weight that doesn't allows you to complete the WOD in time, but if you don't know about the ideas behind the program you re clueless.
Some Wods are "short metcons", duplets that take 2-10 minutes, and other are supposed to take around 20 minutes, or more. Intensity is expected to be very different in these. And the weight must be specially selected.
For example, Fran Rx in 20 minutes is not training the expected energy system, you need a scaled weight.
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