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Re: New start, new log.

Not going to post everything I've done since my last post, but I did test my 1RM's last week, and thought those are worth posting. This is at 200# body weight.

Overhead press: 195#
Deadlift: 425#
Bench press: 265#
Squat: 405#

I probably had a little more in all 4 lifts. I tried doing a 10# jump on overhead press, and a 20# jump in bench, because both felt fairly easy, but both of those jumps were too ambitious and were fails. Deadlift I know I had more, but I was doing this during lunch at work, and had to get back to work. Squat, I'm not sure, but 405# felt the same as 385#, and I was just so stoked to hit 4 plates that I decided to end on a high note.

So, if I had done it all in one day instead of split over 2, that would be a 1025# CFT, and a 1095# powerlifting total. Not bad for an old guy...
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