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Re: New start, new log.

Okay, 2 really good days.

6/19/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 day 3
Bench 3x125#, 3x140#, 8x160#, Joker sets 3x175#, 3x195#
Assistance work.
Conditioning: 4x115# BB waiter's carry.

6/20/14 5/3/1 cycle 6 day 4
Power cleans 3x135#, 2x3x155# Didn't want to overtax my lower back before squats
Squats 3x185#, 3x210#, 8x240#, Joker sets 3x265#, 3x285#
Assistance work.
Conditioning: 5x115m sprints

I was really happy with my bench day, because that was the first time I benched bodyweight since I had my left pec reattached, and I did it for 3 reps pretty easily. It was 11 months to the day since the surgery, and my goal had been to hit bodyweight bench within a year of the surgery, so that's awesome!

As far as squat day, that's the first time since I've been back that I got under weight that actually scared me a little, since it's been so long since I moved heavy (for me) weights in the squat, but it wasn't a problem. Don't get me wrong, it still felt really heavy to me, but it felt good.
m.48.5'7".185# Current lifts: Bench 245#, Squat 335#, Deadlift 405#, Press 170#
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