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Re: My Video Training Log (For Critique Purpose)

Originally Posted by Daniel Frankel View Post
Sorry, I'm a little confused. Would you mind elaborating a little bit? :S

And it's definitely something I'm thinking about (Switching).
I'll try. When you're setting up for the snatch, watch where your shoulders are compared to the bar. Your shoulders are what we call "behind" the bar, i.e. closer to your body. Ideally, your shoulders should be directly above the bar, possibly slightly in front of the bar, meaning more over the bar. Because your shoulders are behind the bar at the start, the bar/body system is not balanced, so you are being pulled forward and you have to fight that pull. You're losing most of the time. The weight is pulling you forward, I can tell because it looks like you're on your toes when you come off the floor. You should have your BW and bar system centered mid-foot, and even slightly towards your heels as you come off the floor and extend through the second pull.

I hope this makes a bit more sense. If not, maybe someone who can explain it better will chime in. Or, maybe I'm seeing things that aren't there?

There's something going on if your stepping forward as much as you are on snatches. You should be catching and standing right up, no forward or backward movement, ideally.
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