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Dunno, I found that there was little tread wear as I got better at form.
- Jason

Right now, my form is far from perfect, though I've been working on it. Forefoot striking, upper body leaning very slightly forward (but straight, not slouched), arms loose, swinging sort of behind the body, using the muscles in the hamstring to move the legs. When I get it right, it's like walking on water. +MN&vi durl= % 2BMN%26hl%3Den&usg=AL29H22YErV5gJQuhQNNPMFe82fzpiE dTg
See the end of the video. (The guy is doing Methode Naturalle training, but wearing spandex shorts while doing so, so, safe link.)

I've heard about the Pose method, and looked at the site, but once it began to sound like a cult, I stopped reading. Is it anything like that?
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