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Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today workout log.

Well, I am getting back into crossfitting so figured I would start a new log. I have lost alot of weight since the new year most from dieting and alot of Brazilain jiu-jitsu. So, now that my body is at a more reasonable weight I would start back up again. I was about 215 now I am about 175ish. I need work in all areas but lower body strength is really lacking so going to start a ME Black Box.

That goes something like this . . .


Exercise pool is . .

Total body Deadlifts/Power cleans

Lower body Back Squats/Front Squats

Upper body Shoulder press/Bench Press

With 5x5 week 1 and 5x3 week 2 for rep scheme. Most likely will use a different scheme for power cleans probably 5x3 and 7x1. May have to sub something for shoulder press due to bad shoulder.

Metcons will consist of 9 shorter metcons that i will just pull at random until they are all completed then start over randomly. They will be of the shorter variety lots of Fran type stuff.

This is in addition to alot of Brazilain jiu-jitsu and MMA training so going with just 2 days so I dont over train.

Also, may do BJJ tourny on June 27 so want to get ready for that.
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