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DC's workout journal

Hey all, just starting this up, as another way to keep my workouts logged, I keep 2 handwritten logs. One is for workouts, and the other is for my cardio/conditionning. So this is an effort to combine them.

Monday = Workout
Tuesday = Conditionning
Wednesday = Workout
Thursday = Conditionning
Friday = Workout
Saturday = Conditionning
Sunday = R & R

Little bit about me, this is offseason time for me, hoping to get back to competition after silly injuries (mostly at work) sidelining me for a while.
Feel free to ask any questions, i'll answer as best as I can.

5'9, low 220's start getting ready end May/early June, so until then to add quality mass.

The only thing I really count diet wise at the moment is protein, 50-60grams per meal minimum (6 meals per) shooting for total 350-450grams. and basically once I get the protein in, I eat the rest of the plate, for example say i'm having meat lovers omelette, with whole grain bagel, have my giant omelette first, then finish as much of my bagel and other sides.

Water intake, shooting for 3.5-4 litres (metric)

I know some people won't like the fact that i'm not using Crossfit (just can't come to say CF, because that stands for something else in Canada) for my Workouts, but I will be using Crossfit type workouts for my conditionning, as I HATE running anything more then a couple hundred meters (long distance is soooooo boring) and I hope that by combining my training with crossfit on my conditionning days that not only will I

1. Improve my work capacity, therefore enabling me to power through my actual works with more energy.
2. Recover better, via 2 factors, 1 being the increased work capacity, and 2 being active recovery.
3. Improve certain aspects of fitness that my training leaves by the wayside.

You will see a LOT of incline work for chest, maybe flat and no decline whatsoever, because decline is how I injured my pec/shoulder tie-in area, and tried it again years later, and it only makes it act up. I haven't flat benched other then warming up with a bar at the beginning of a workout in at least 2 years, but might be throwing them in although I always hear about tears and strains with flat bench.

my rep/set scheme will look something like this:
8-4-2, My training is centered on progressive overload, rotation of exercises, and rest-pause sets. So in this case I would have done a total of 14 reps, rest-paused in 3 mini-sets. (check out DoggCrapp for more info)

Because I train alone, and I train this way, I need to use some machines, so please don't start telling me to ditch machines, when you train alone, to failure and then some, it kinda comes with the terrain.

i'm very open to suggestions for conditionning workouts as well, or picking my brain for why I do what I do.

Thanks and enjoy the ride!!

DC (me!)
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