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Re: OHS, push press and push jerk, deadlift

Originally Posted by Eric S. Jensen View Post
well I'm no expert so I won't comment on your lifts. But what are those things covering your hands in the dead lift vid. Jk kidding bro
I knew those gloves wher going to bite me in the @ss BUT i ripped my hand on pullups 2-3 days before so that make it mark rippetoe legal

Originally Posted by Anthony Rubino View Post
I thought the lifts looked good overall. Couple of comments;

Watch the bar path on the push press. You seem to push the bar slightly forward and then bring it back into position. Focus on getting your head out of the way and pushing the bar straight up.

The bar path on the push jerk looks good and you are fast getting under the bar. I think your hip is a little muted, but I'm not positive since I could not veiw the video frame by frame.

Dead lift looks solid. Think about squeezing the bar off the ground, you have a slight jerk. Squeeze the slack out of the plates before you start your pull.

I think FB may have detered some comments. I was prompted to login when viewing the vids.

thank you for the effort and the comment. i will keep them in mind.
Maybe i should youtube them...
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