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Re: CrossFit Mom Log

CFE Workout
One mile TT 7:26
rest 3 min
3 x 400 at same pace, 30 sec rest between.

These CFE workouts never fail to wipe me out. I'm getting a little better at finding the right pace to finish the workout. I know this isn't a blistering pace, but I'm getting faster every week. My goal is a 9 min per mile 1/2 marathon on May 4. I'm a little nervous not doing the weekly long runs, but am thankful I don't suffer from the usual aches and pains that usually accompany the LSD training.

So far so good on the Zone today. I add an extra two blocks when performing two workouts in a day. If anyone out there is curious about the Zone, buy a scale, get some measuring cups and just try it! You will be amazed at how simple it is and how great you feel and perform.
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