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Re: Nursing mom interested in CrossFit...

I'm a 2 year CrossFitter and my wife is a doula enroute to becoming a midwife, and I work as a firefighter/paramedic. I am not an ob/gyn, but my thoughts are the wod as prescribed might be a bit much for you at this time. I'm not sure if Annie nursed or not, but my thoughts are that you are expending alot of energy in recovering from childbirth, and in producing milk for your little one. I'm not sure I would add a whole lot of additional stress to that. Squats would be good to bring your pelvic floor muscles back to stability, and some scaled down wod's might be ok if you are very disciplined and will listen to your body. I would talk to your doctor about what exactly you are planning on doing, and I'm sure you would get good advice. Doctors are all messed up over squats, but they see the benefits of exercise. I'm blushing as I also recommend kegels as an exercise to do several times a day.

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