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Re: Sequence of the WOD

You *can* partition workouts like Angie, but then it isn't Angie. See the FAQ- the WOD prescriptions are extremely literal. If it says do 100, do 100, do 100, that's what it means. If it says "do rounds of 20" that's what it means.

Similarly, changing the order of some WODs, like the Filthy 50, will likely impact the outcome. The fact that the stinkin' burpies are last, when you're exhausted, isn't accidental.

It would be interesting to do the WOD as rx'd, and then out of order, and compare times. I've often thought the Filthy 50 would be faster with the burpees earlier, but I've never wanted to do it twice just to find out!

If you can't do the WOD as rx'd, of course you can modify or scale as needed. Just be aware that your time or performance can't be compared to the standard, as rx'd results. You can, and should, of course be comparing yourself to yourself first.

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