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Re: E's Workout Journal

August 3, 2015

Crossfit RX

WOD Metcon (Time):

Handstand Pushups (subbed 25 lb dumbbell shoulder presses)
Ring Dips (subbed thin blue banded ring dips)

Time: 16:05

3 sets:
10 Dragon Flags
20 Hip Extensions
40 Russian Twists with 10 lb medicine ball

Notes: Kind of demoralizing. My first time doing any kind of ring work. Did 10 unassisted ring dips, going about parallel, was then told to go super deep, so I added the thin blue band. Pushups were surprisingly difficult, as were the dumbbell presses. Started with 30s for the first set of shoulder presses, switched to a mix of 30s and 25s for the second set, ended with 20s for the third set. It probably averaged out to 25 lbs for the workout.
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