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Re: Picking a Box

The biggest consideration should be quality of trainers and how committed and knowledgeable they are. You can always tweak programming to fit your goals once you've gotten used to the workouts, but you can't really make up for trainers who don't know what they're doing or don't care.

If your affiliate does its own programming take a look at a few weeks' worth of it and make sure it's smart and fits your goals. If they're doing three or four 30+ minute metcons per week then that shows they don't really understand programming and are just interested in making people sore so they feel like they've gotten a good workout. You can find plenty of examples of good programming (check out the websites of some of the top 10 or 20 affiliate teams from the Games) but the main stuff most of them have in common is that they'll include a few sets of a heavy lift just about every day, some skillwork, then a metcon in the 5-15 minute range. They might go over 30 minutes once every other week, but not much more frequently than that.

When you said you had some "scaling issues" what do you mean? Were the trainers unwilling to let you scale or ignorant about how a workout should be scaled? If so find another gym.
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