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Re: Heart skipping a beat?

Ok...Sorry I haven't updated my situation, but that's because I forgot to get the halter monitor a couple of weeks ago, then I just figured I'd cut the caffeine and see if it would go away. It did. BUT...

I've had a cup of coffee just about everyother day for a week with no problem. Today I got my butt kicked doing "Gwen" then the wife and I went to dinner and a movie. At dinner, I had an episode, then in the movie, it occurred twice.

Weeks ago, I had my blood checked and as I stated before, everythings great. WHY is this happening?

To all of you- Did you have any of these episodes prior to crossfit? I have never until now. What gives? I've been drinking coffee for the past couple of years while doing normal workouts and haven't had this happen before.

My wife just had a good point. This is happening to me during recovery, usually hours after working out. Is this the case with you guys as well?
She also suggested maybe I only do a couple of crossfit workouts per week and just do traditional stuff the rest of the time. I've been doing strictly the CF WOD schedule. Are you all strict CFers?

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