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Re: 45 degree back extension machine vs. ghd back extension machine

I've been using the 45-degree machine for my WODs. I used to do 45-pound Good Mornings, but the cycle time was too slow and limiting. On the machine, though, I make sure to move my torso through an arc greater than 90 degrees to make up for the fact that it's slanted and thus easier. I'm considering changing the movement, though, to a 90-degree arc while holding a weight against my chest.

The other option is to fashion a makeshift GHD using a bench and a Smith Machine or some other such combination. But I don't like that since I work out in a non-CF gym, and the only thing worse than occupying equipment for the duration of a WOD is occupying equipment in weird and unusual ways for the duration of a WOD.

Is it bad for you? I don't know, but I feel fine.
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