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Re: Apparel vendor suggestions

Here is a GREAT thread (WFS, obvs) from the archives that I have returned to a few times over the years to re-read. It's the best single piece of content on apparel for boxes I've ever read.

That said, the way we do shirts for Fringe is we order the "blanks" (unprinted shirts) from a distributor. We tend to always use NextLevel Tri Blend. Those shirts offer a great athletic fit, feel great on the athlete, and crumple to a floor mid-WOD like no other

We have a few local printers that we work with to print on the blanks- we deliver the blanks to them and have them print and deliver the completed shirts back to us. Picking a local vendor is based on recommendations, yelp, and talking with the vendor about pricing and expertise. If you're unhappy with a current vendor, switch! There are plenty of companies doing screen printing.

For items that we don't do a lot of volume in, many print shops are HAPPY to order some blank pants, etc for you and print on them since they then get to make $$ on the printing and a markup on the apparel.

Hope this helps!
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