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Re: thoughts on rogue imperfection bars

Originally Posted by William Henniger View Post
Thanks for the feedback on this.

We have been working on splitting these bars into 3 categories:

1) Seconds - Bars that don't pass our QC process but are still great bars.

That is probably the most desirable. We know the standard is set very high for a Rogue bar and we get most of our issues from plating not manufacturing.

2) Used - Used at the games, returned/repaired but still a good bar.

These bars will get the job done but aren't going to look like a new bar.

Prototypes will land here as well as they aren't a bar yet but still work well.

3) Garage Sale - These are heavily worn bars that will still do the trick


We have made that split pretty much now but are going to make it even more clear once we clear Black Friday madness.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again for helping us get better



Which category do the Ohio and Chan bars currently in the "closeout" section fall into? Are the considered "seconds" and if so what are some reasons they wouldn't make the full retail cut? Thanks!
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