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Re: thoughts on rogue imperfection bars

I've bought two closeout bars - one WL Bar (raw shaft/chrome sleeves) and one Euro WL (chrome/chrome).

Honestly, there was barely anything wrong with either of them. I found the tiniest ding in the sleeve of the WL Bar. I really couldn't find anything wrong with the Euro bar. Both bars did not look new - but really close to it. There's a "R" stamp on the inside of each sleeve.

The one big drawback is that someone will have to take your word (or show them a receipt) that it's a Rogue bar if you are trying to eventually sell. Rogue doesn't put branded endcaps on the closeout bars - they are blank.

I'm totally fine with ordering a closeout bar...but not ok with the games-used bars. I've heard some stories about the games' bars being absolutely caked with chalk and and having some decent wear to them.
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