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Re: speed ball jump ropes...worth it?

Originally Posted by Kevin Johnson View Post

i feel like these could be home made. does anyone have experience with these or see them as something beneficial? i'm sucking at jump rope, and wondering if this would help at all. at least to get the flicking feel down in my wrist and more hopping practice without constantly having to stop every few jumps.

Although some swear by the speedballs, I've never used them. Save yourself a few dollars and maybe try this first:

How long is the jump rope you are using? One thing that can be a big spoiler in success is having a rope that isn't sized properly for you. Too short a jump rope and the rope won’t make it under your feet. Too long and the cable hits too far in front slowing the speed of the rope. Here's a quick guide for cable length: For those at 5'6" height and less, add 2'10" to your height. For those over 5'6", add 3'0". With proper hand and arm position, these cable lengths will get you off and running.

And as you mentioned, it's the wrist that turns the rope, not the elbow. Keep in mind too that when the arms tend to float away from the body the rope is effectively shortened causing those misses. Keep the arms in tight and turn at the wrist.

Hope that helps.
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