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Yeah, cycles can go lighter or stop all together, when i started crossfit I was hitting it fullforce as well as keeping a strict zone diet, and unfortunately I havn't had my period for over a year now. It is hard to get it back once its gone because you of course have to slow down a little with working out and probably eat more, which of course you might not want to do. A bad bad cycle especially when you get concerned with weight too much. If you double the fat your body will use it no doubt because women DO need more fat for babies and whatnot. Listen to your body. Peanut butter if it is your weakness, get rid of it in the house for a few weeks, replace it with real nuts you have to shell (nore time consuming) and you may end up eating less when you do crack (it happens from time to time) so dont worry, you have already done something very positive in training and following a healthier diet than in the past.
Also a doctor tols me thaat once your period goes away you can become more at risk for osteoporosis.
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