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Mike Norcia Sr.
Posts: n/a I made up my own work-out with the limited knowledge I have (I am 1 1/2 weeks new to CF).

Please give me feedback on this work-out.

4 rounds of the following:

21 reps 135lb. squats (butt to calf or as close as possible). I did them as an explosive movement.

21 dips
9 pull-ups

I finished right around 17 minutes.

It is funny because I am known in the gym because I own a nutrition store next to the gym. So, I talk to everyone as it is. Well now that I have started these work-outs I certainly draw some attention! Good thing is I refer anyone who asks to this website including the "trainers". People are definitely taking an interest in CF because their "supplement guy" is doing it. It is fun to share and see people's reactions!

Thanks ahead of time for the feedback.
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